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Spot Impaired Driver

The holidays are upon us…the season of good cheer. But the problem is, especially during the holidays, too many people have too “much cheer,” and then they get in their car and head down the road, putting everyone on the road and themselves in danger. Here’s how you can spot someone driving impaired.

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Winter Driving Tips Seattle

How do you prepare for winter driving in the Seattle area? Even though it infrequently snows, temperatures still drop, roads can still be slippery, flooded with water from heavy rains and dangerous…there is still reason to prepare your car for the winter months ahead.

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Teenage Driver Safety

If you have kids, it’s inevitable, they will turn into teenagers who will turn into teenage drivers. For most parents, that’s a huge, scary event! It means, waiting to hear the phone ring, waiting for a safe return home, it means freedom. For the teenager it means no more rides from mom and dad, it’s […]

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