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Used Car Scams

Like almost anything in life, there are things and people you have to watch out for when buying a used car…there’s always the possibility of something being wrong with a use car, and sadly there are people who will try to cover-up or conceal the problems. So there is potential risk of being scammed when […]

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Buying A Used Car

If it’s time to buy a new car, maybe a new car for you is a gently used car, or a “new to you car” rather than a brand new, straight from the factory car. And there definitely are advantages…typically there is a lower price tag and depreciation has absorbed by the previous owner. But […]

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Spot Impaired Driver

The holidays are upon us…the season of good cheer. But the problem is, especially during the holidays, too many people have too “much cheer,” and then they get in their car and head down the road, putting everyone on the road and themselves in danger. Here’s how you can spot someone driving impaired.

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